Children & Shyness

How can I keep my children from becoming shy?

Shyness in very young children is very common. It does not become a problem until the child wants or needs to interact with others but doesn't know how to.

One cause of shyness is having parents who don't encourage their children to speak--or maybe even discourage them from doing so. The old adage "Children should be seen and not heard" may have been the cause of many a case of adult shyness. Parents and other guardians who show little interest in what their children have to say may deprive those children of the opportunity of learning how to express themselves effectively.

Therefore, show an interest in what your children have to say. LISTEN to them, and encourage them to talk. Don't interrupt or finish their sentences for them. Don't be patronizing or too quick to correct their opinions or to disagree with them. Encourage them to join clubs and organizations and be willing to drive them to meetings.

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