Shyness is a difficult problem that can affect virtually every aspect of your life.  Shy people can have more trouble making friends, finding a mate, or getting and holding a good job. They are often looked down on by more outgoing people, and they tend to have more trouble succeeding in life. There are even studies that indicate that shy people suffer from more health problems than outgoing people.

Moreover, there are a number of questions and misconceptions about shyness.  Are shy people unfriendly? Do they suffer from low self-esteem? What is the difference between shyness and introversion? How about social phobia and social anxiety?

This site attempts to answer some of these questions, as well as provide some practical strategies for overcoming shyness. It has been online for over ten years, and hopefully, it has helped a lot of people understand their shyness and take steps to overcome it. If you are one of them, feel free to sign our guestbook. Also, let us know what other issues or concerns surrounding shyness you would like to see addressed in future updates.

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